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Have you ever wanted to see how a mill works? Well here is your chance. Come join us for grinding demonstrations the second Saturday of the month from 10:00 am till 3:00 pm at the Hulston Mill. We will also be having a Volunteer Work day for anyone who would like to help out at the Mill.
We hope to see you there!


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Hulston Mill is now OPEN!
Hulston Mill is now open for all your camping and horse riding needs. Come spend some time with us this spring.

Summer 2012 Newsletter: 


 SUMMER 2012

  We have been busy at Dade County Historical Society since our last newsletter at the beginning of this year.  Our April meeting was election of officers.  Cindy Wilson was elected President, Ken Miller, Vice President, Fernita Cook, Secretary and Dave Coplen, Treasurer.   Several members of the Society are continuing to meet at least one day a week at Hulston Mill Park to keep it in shape.

  In our last newsletter we talked about what projects we would like to accomplish this year.  The following is that list with notations on which ones have been completed or are close to completion.

    1. To build two informational signs and make a start of the Park Entrance Sign, all in dire need of replacing.  We have completed the two informational signs. 


       2.  To add a 4’ concrete sidewalk at the shower house.  The concrete sidewalk was completed prior to our Civil War reenactment.  We give a big thank you to Greenfield Ready Mix.  They helped us tremendously by donating half of the concrete and gravel needed for the sidewalk.

    3. To start Phase One on a Cook Shack to be added onto the current picnic shelter house. We hope the addition of a small kitchen area will enhance the rental of the shelter. An additional 12’ of concrete and roof will need to be added to the shelter to put it back as it was.   We have just recently started on this project.  Our hope is that we will have it completed enough for Bois D’Arc Days the last weekend in September. 




  1. To start on the foundation for the Weir Summer Kitchen Cabin (HAVEN’T STARTED)
  2. Build 3 picnic tables (HAVEN’T STARTED)
  3. To complete the fire rings which were started on last fall.  We have completed 12 fire rings for the park.  

  One of the things not planned on was some major repair on the groundskeeper’s house.  A window was removed that had been located in the tub/shower area.  It was rotting along with the tub surround. The bathroom was renovated with the sink and commode changing location making a more practical use of the space.  The back concrete porch also had to be removed in order to replace rotted seals and joists and a small deck was added back in that location. 

     The Civil War Days Reenactment was held on June 9-10. There were approximately 200 paid attendees, which did not include children or teenagers, since they can attend free with an adult admission. The Hulston Mill Civil War Days for 2012 involved about 150-160 Civil War reenactors including men, women & children all dressed in period clothing. It included our Civil War Sutler; Adler's Dry Goods, a new attendee was the Burnt District Book Shop from near Kansas City, and several other period lifestyle demonstrations throughout the day. This year a Hulston Sprouts Kids Corps camp was implemented, which involved any young person who wanted to learn about drilling, marching and other aspects of Civil War camp life. There were approximately 30 young people involved in this endeavor in just the first session; with a total of about 65-70 children joining the reenactors’ Hulston Sprouts for this year. Each kid received a Hulston Sprout's certificate for their efforts. They all appeared to have a great time. Brent and Jesse will be looking for additional volunteers to help them put this on again next year since the Hulston Sprouts was such a success.

  The Mill was open during the Reenactment with corn being ground every hour.  A big THANK YOU goes out to GORDON’S FEED & PET for donating all the corn we used for the demonstrations.

  From Brent Paschal, one of the Hulston Mill Civil War Days organizers: “We believe that each year at Civil War Days has been the "best" and we believe that 2013 will be as well. We have several new ideas and will continue to expand in reenactors and in Historical interpretation and presentation for 2013. For everyone involved in this years "Civil War Days" I would personally like to say a big, "Thank You", & "You Did a Great Job"! Let’s all start now and spread the word to everyone possible about "Hulston Mill Civil War Days 2013".

  Our meetings are the second Tuesday of each month at the Dade County Museum in Greenfield at 7:00pm. Anyone is most welcome to attend.  We are always open to new ideas and would be most appreciative of anyone who would like to volunteer their services.

  Remember BOIS D’ARC PRIMITIVE SKILLS & KNAP-IN September 28th to the 30thThe Historical Society will be serving food during the entire event.  There is no admission charge to come in and observe the activities.  Hulston Mill will be open once again to demonstrate how corn was ground into corn meal.  This is the only mill in the area that can put corn on the cob in and never touch it again until the kernels come out as corn meal. 


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